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"Would you knowingly put dust on your face every morning?" 

Of course not!

Keeping your makeup brushes clean is so important to having healthy skin. Inserting dusty brushes into your makeup and applying it to your face is detrimental to your skin care health.

BrushTower solves dust issues and more.

NOW.... you don't need to worry about dust accumulating on to your brushes, with our all acrylic hinge-free, handle-free sleek design.

We have four different styles. Two models that include beads and two models without beads. All offering the same practical design and great function!

No more loose hinges and broken handles!

Exactly what you need and are looking for!

BrushTower is THE stylish and practical vertical storage solution that keeps your makeup brushes organized. BrushTower models have been carefully designed and constructed to provide ample space for makeup brushes and a convenient storage compartment on top... perfect for storing your everyday essentials.

Makeup is our delight. Designing BrushTower and sharing it with friends, family, fans and now you...that's our passion! We'd be pleased to welcome you as a new fan, community member and customer of BrushTower.

Welcome to BrushTower!

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