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Meena BrushTower

Founder and creative director Meena Mistry was born and raised in the UK and moved to Montreal as a teen.

She pursued studies in business and enjoyed a successful career, while nurturing her creative talents by creating custom wall art and fueling her passion for design with trips to Europe, Asia, the Caribbean and Mexico.

Esthetician training helped Meena focus her design energies. She already knew how important it was to take proper care of one's skin; now, she envisioned a product that would simplify this daily routine and answer a genuine need.

BrushTower does this and much more. Its innovative design keeps dust from settling in makeup brushes and features easy access, ample storage for everyday essentials, minimal space requirements and clean lines.

There simply isn't anything to rival BrushTower.


Meena's Message: 

"Makeup is empowering, fun, exciting and even a confidence booster! Let’s not forget makeup and makeup brushes can be quite the investment! Keep your brushes clean with BrushTower!  You'll be keeping your makeup clean and as a result you'll be taking good care of your skin!! So let’s begin our journey and start creating beautiful moments!”

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