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Makeup Brush Care: Cleaning and Storage tips!!!

Cleaning your makeup brushes is more important than you thought.

Dermatologists, aestheticians and makeup artists recommend that you lather up your makeup tools at least once a week. Especially when using liquid and cream products like foundation and concealer. This is to prevent the transfer of bacteria and product build up. Beauty sponges and makeup brush bristles are porous, they will hang on to dirt, dust, oils and bacteria. These dirty brushes will affect your makeup application as well as clog your pores and potentially cause your skin to have breakouts.

How to clean your brushes:

The simplest and most common method is by using a mild detergent or baby shampoo and lukewarm water.

Step by step:

•Wet bristles with water, preferably lukewarm.

•In the palm of your hand, dispense a drop of mild detergent or baby shampoo.

•Gently massage the tips of the bristles in the palm of your hand.

•Rinse the bristles.. try not to get the ferrule wet (metal piece that surrounds the bristles and handles).

•Reshape the bristles and lay flat on a clean dry surface.

•Once your brushes have been cleaned it’s very important to store them in an enclosed storage unit. This is to prevent dust from accumulating onto them. Especially if you have a large collection of brushes!

**The brushes you use to apply cream and liquid products should be washed more frequently than the brushes used to apply powder products**

***When handling your makeup brushes try to avoid grabbing them by the bristles. The natural oils from your fingertips will transfer on to the brush bristles, which will then get transferred to your powder-based products, creating a shiny glaze on the surface. Beautysoclean has great products for cleaning your makeup and makeup brushes.

Sigma Beauty and Vera Mona also have great makeup brush cleaning products!

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